Dark Elf Assassin - Realtime Character

Hi guys, this is a new asset I been working for quite some time now.
I would like to thank you Young-june Choi for the beautiful 2d concept art I used as reference.
I used maya for base mesh, Zbrush for sculpting, retopology and pose preview, photoshop for texturing and 3d studio max for rig and rendering with mental ray. I hope you like.

Thank you




love inside

Gorgeous assassin. Great work!!:+1:



Nice work Bushidou
The only thing that seems wrong is that all your straps have no tension…now it looks like those are only floating over the clothes…and not there to keep them together.
Look i’ve used liquify a bit just to illustrate what i would have done…

Great works

fabulous work. I love how clean this. very nice job all around

Wooah same subject as mine! Good job, I love how you made her face and hairs!

Very nice work!

Thank you guys I am happy to see you like how it turned out in the end :slight_smile: You guys also have some wonderful works.
wow Eithne I guess that concept it sure quite popular ne.

Here is the texture map of the cloth and also a realtime preview from maya


Thank you

Awesome work mate, love it :slight_smile:

Big thanks to my friend Bogdan Andronic from work we did a few renders of the decimated mesh using keyshot. I hope you guys like.

An here you can see the transformation of the highpoly mesh into a more low mesh using the power of decimation master tool.

And the closeup of the decimated mesh


And some texture work.

Thank you

very nice stuff dude :slight_smile:

i like!!! amazing work man! very high quality textures keep it up! :slight_smile: