DareDevil - Redesign Fanart

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on this new design from Daredevil since I while ago, since I see that the first concept of his new costume, I’ve been in love with this, so I design to adapt it to my own, in 3D, doing a real-time ready for a game model.
The main reference is this new costume fron Marco Checchetto (@mchecc18), and many other references were taken to compose the final result.
Also, I learned a lot in this model, I ask for help and feedback in the art of the model than the technical area, like game mesh, retopology, texturing all of this stuff.
My friends, also great artists in the area help me a lot, mentoring me to do this project, so I’m very grateful to you Alisson PS ,Gabriel Paula , Marcel Nilo and @alexoliver !
This project took me 98h to be done since I started in my free time, so if I did it 8h per day, it will take me about two weeks to be done.
Did the blocking and high poly model in Zbrush, retopology and UV mapping in Maya, Texturing with substance painter, and final render with marmoset Toolbag.
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Hope you like it.