Dan's Sketchbook

Hi some stuff I’m working on…


Wow. Really nice. Keep it up, friend:D

here is another speed sculpt… Still a Wip

Very very nice.
Wonderful studies.
Keep posting

wow these aging studies are frightning… lol… wonderful work, great observation skills… also love the old lady portrait!

Great work, awesome sculpts. Especially liked the body sculpts! :smiley:

Cheers, David

Texture painted in Zbrush and render made in Modo… Everything is still a wip


Already loving the skin texture. Feels very natural!

Very good, awesome.

First sneak peak preview of the hair…(deleting low res duplicate)

Astonished by the amount of talent saturated throughout your work.
The old lady piece is a well crafted piece of art already, very inspiring.

Tanx for all the nice comments… Here is bust of SuperStålis I did while I was waiting for some hair render test’s

Update on the old lady… (I have made the eyes brighter and worked some more on the cloths)


Hair and skin look great! Eyes are maybe to reflective and cloth needs bit more love :slight_smile:

old lady is looking great.
i agree with brett about the pullover.


I agree with both of you, I have made some changes to the eyes and cloth and updated the image on the previous page

Small tweaks on mesh. Painted texture and made some hair for Stålis…

Love the polypainted sups! the face is much better in my opinion.

great update on the lady. though i’d like to see a bit more thickness on the cloth. it still feels too thin.
might just be personal prefs.

looking forward for more stuff from you.