Danpants - "Broken Bat"

1st posting, I am actually attempting a comic book style cover. When Bane breaks the batman. This was a quick sculpt to get an idea of what bane might look like.




Quick Sculpt will try to get more time to work on it soon.

Decided I would hold off on “Broken Bat” and practice some more on some busts. Here is a quick bust and I am trying to learn rendering techniques in Zbrush. Everything I do will be 100% Zbrush.



Here’s I what I plan to start soon.


‘’…Bane Rises…’’Bane_005.JPG

i think you should try to improve your anatomy sclupting skills :slight_smile: that would help the model alot =)!!

I agree, your skills in anatomy need to improve before this sculpt can get any better. Right now, your lack of anatomical knowledge is blatant, and your sense of muscle overlap is none-existent. But, take it as you will; if this isn’t something you take very seriously, then just have fun with it. Not sure if you previously asked for C&C or not, but that’s my 0.02$

Nice attempts. I viewed your site and notice similar anatomical issues throughout. I think you should take this sculpt and use it as a great study to get more familiar with anatomy. View some body builders and check out their proportions. Once you get the general proportions laid out, then you can start laying in the muscle. When you go for the muscles google the area you are attempting to sculpt. Try to get images of the muscles and bones. Rely on them heavily. Don’t worry about the finished product for a long time.
A quick and fun way to learn some anatomy is to look up Ryan Kingslien. He has his own website and some Gnomon videos. Any video of his comes with a wealth of anatomical knowledge.
Keep with it and have fun. Can’t wait to see your progress.

Thanks: Infernal005;haz3y;TeamFox for the great critiques and suggestions I will definitely work on the anatomy more and will try to look at more muscular references. I really want to get this right.