Danny Trejo as Machete!

Well this is my final submission to the celebrity head likeness contest at subdivision modeling forums. Now its time to finish the body!

Large Hi Res Image Click Here


Oh and heres a picture of trejo as Machete:

Machete Reference Image




Nice work dude… You got him spot on. :slight_smile:

cool model, what did you use for the hair?

thats what i want to know. how you do that hair in z?

Really cool!
I guess you exported your hairs as splines from your external program?

That’s some excellent modeling. You’ll be sure to win.

The only thing I see is that the hair, although looks great, reminds me a little of spaghetti.

wowsers!! I agree, you nailed his likeness perfectly…

far as his hair and z3, bravo… though in an untextured model it is spaghettiIsh, I would say that good ole Danny is rarely seen in coifed hair…it’s always greasy and stringy and a bit matted at times…Machete is about the cleanest I have seen him over the years…lol…he normally has the Devil’s Reject’s look …love the actor and I love your treatment of him/the model.




Holy, WOW! :eek: Spot on likeness! This one really shocked me when I first saw it…Great job! 5 Stars from me.
Good luck in the competition.


Amazing work!

But I’m also another guy who is wondering how did you do the hairs?

5 stars!

Great job! Hair looks cool! I need to try that! Did yo use Maya paint effects?



Awesome job Bryan, he looks so badass. I can’t wait to see your work for his body, I’m sure it’ll look great. :+1:

I love this work! it’s really well done!

so sick! It would be cool if you put together a mini tutorial on how you created the hair! Thanks!

The only thing I enjoyed more than seeing the bogus trailer in Grindhouse was seeing this work of yours. Top job. Good luck in the contest, but honestly–I don’t think you’ll need it. You’re there man.

great job… did you know they’re making Machete into a real movie?.. I cant wait!

congrats with this awesome model Bryan .


Thanks for all the support guys. I am in the process of getting a displacement map going. Then I’lltake him into Bodypaint and get busy! Im going to give LilSisters skin material shader tutorial a try. Hopefully I can acheive as good of results.

As for the hair, I used 3dsmax’s hair and fur world space modifier. I used the spline technique to control the hairs style. The key was I didnt try to do more than 3 splines at a time. THis way I could have more control over the style and the settings for each section of hair. After I was pleased with it I converted it to geometry and imported it into zbrush. THen I further refined the style with the tweak brush. Mudbox is good for moving individual strands around. I should have done that for the ear. I will before Im through with him. Maybe I’ll try an do a mini tutorial for this hair creation method. Time is kind of scarce right now for me.

Again thanks for the comments and crits.

Brilliant! Just like him. :+1: :+1: :+1:

truth :+1:

Excellent likeness! But larger image please!