DanJaye's Sketchbook

Hi everyone, I’m a freelance character artist and this is my first post here. I made a ZBC account a while back but never used it :frowning:

I’ve been working on a lot of different characters recently and wanted to create a sketchbook on here, so I’m starting by sharing a recent character concept for a personal animation project I’m working on.

You can check out some of my other work on Artstation. More to come soon!

Thanks! And critique away!

Final Posed image

Render Passes

Sculpt in Zbrush


Caped baby Sculpt.jpg



Its looking good I look forward to seeing the animation project . I say to work on the fingers a bit more and maybe some cinematic lighting to sell the character more

Thanks Charles! I have noticed that the fingers are a bit too thin and less stubby like a baby’s hands, something I’ll work on for the final model.

I’ll be uploading some more models quite soon.

Thanks again, appreciate the feedback!


Hi there.

Sharing a likeness sculpt I did recently of one of my favourite footballers Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Plan on making textures and hair for a final render in Maya.

Hope you like so far.


Zlatan Sculpt Perspectives(Big2).jpg

Hey, just sharing my latest Sculpts.