Danilo Athayde sketchbook 2013

wow awesome stuff~ that’s cristiano ronaldo right?

TopRow well deserved
Amazing work. Congratulations.

[HR][/HR]I’m really fond of your old lady sculpt. Could you post a bigger image of her please ? She looks so alive…

Really cool. Love the witch from Snowwhite

Great job! :+1: :slight_smile:

The chipped-up fingernails on the witch are fantastically creepy.

very beautiful work

Congratulations Danilo!!! Great stuff! :+1:

Amazing works Danilo, congrats man!

Excellent work!!!:+1:

sick sketches, danilo! really love your work!

That torso is bad-ass! Looks like he’s kicking a football or something. Nice job!

Very nice work - each model has a distinct and believable personality that fits them well. I like the old lady a lot - good job!

Nice done!:wink:

hello guys, this is my version of super buu. I made it some time ago, for a 3d challenge, but I never post it in any forum, because I not considering it`s finished. but… I hope you like it =)


Great work!!

Female future soldier WIP

Zbrush, lately, has presenting us many great new tools. But, for this work, I wanted use the software in your essence, as a digital sculpture tool. I made this in only one geometry, with basic brushs. ( ok, I used dynamesh and zremesher, this tools are amazing).


Really like it! :+1: