Danilo Athayde sketchbook 2013

Good work man. Congrats, Very good tutorial eyes.

Hi Danielo,

nice stuff you are doing!! The Iguana is great, I like also the baboon guy.
Excellent modeling overall, very impressive.

Cheers Caglar

Ae Danilevesky, kkk caraio q dhr esse post muito loko!!

Soooo NIce!! Great work!!
Top row!!

thanks for the comments, guys. here, some sketches i did, for fun. sketches_reduzido.jpg

great work, that witch is sick!

awesome works!

great sketches !!!

Love the gal in the middle! very nice…

super fantastic! thanks for sharing your eye technique, must give that a try! love the busts, each one tells a story! great work!

Thanks for the comments guys. i’m glad you enjoyed.

I’M GLAD FOR YOUR TOPROW very nice sculpt like in particular that witch , congrats

Cool Stuff,I especially like the old hag with the apple,she reminds me of the make up I did on Enchanted. Looking forward to more work from you.

Very nice work. That witch is awesome.

Great sketches, love em!

Very cool!

Congrats buddy!!! Amazing stuff!!

Alex Oliver

Amazing work! Congrats for the Top Row Danilo! Well deserved! :+1:

thanks, guys. i’m very happy and honored for the top row. rick (monstermaker) and alex oliver (alexleia), you guys are always an inspiration to me.

Cool stuff!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: Lady with hat my favorite:)