Daemon3d's SketchBook and Stuff

Hello there. Long time no post any stuff. Finally I’m back. :smiley:
The first one sculpting a bust.
Playing around with dynamesh then retopology. As always attempt to sculpt likeness.
Need feedback concerning the likeness. I guess my brain my brain is confused.

polypaint for sure )




My guess would be Natalie Portman back when she was a kid in “Léon: The Professional”

Cool ! She looks like my ex-girlfriend !.. I love the haircut…

I was thinking the same thing!

Yes, really looks like Matilda. Such a great film. Look forward to seeing it finished.

i like it :+1:

Hi Daemon. Good sculpt I like it, and yes, likeness is hard, hard, hard. Many times I ask for help too and see if other people see anything that I’m not seeing. Just to help you out, and after reviewing some images from Natalie back in those days, I think your biggest mismatch is on the bone structure. The zygomatic bone looks a bit too wide in comparison to Mathilda. Also, her glabella looks a bit to flat, and even though Mathilda was a young lady, I saw a bit more of definition on some photos. Another thing I felt was her infraorbital margin. Mathilda has a really smooth transition and I feel your sculpt is a bit more pronounced. The last thing I would mention is the overhang of the supraorbital margin, I think it should be raised a bit more to give you more space so you can add a bit more mass to the orbicularis oculi muscle on that area. Well Daemon, this is my humble opinion, I hope it helps and of course you don’t have to take my opinion as an absolute, nor ii is intended to be that way, but you can pick and choose whatever you feel works best. Take care.

Thanks guys. I’m happy you to recognize her.
Especially thanks to aurfax. Your comments was very helpful.

Well the next step. Small update after fixing and tweaking the shapes. Need more feedbacks(paint over much better) as usual. :smiley:
btw gonna to play with BPR render an fiber mesh next time.


I haven’t seen your thread before, but I recognized her instantly from the thumbnail.
Very nice work!
And thankyou for reminding me of that movie.


What a pretty face!
Very well done!! Excellent sculpting :+1:

DUUUUDE this is awesome! My favorite film of all time. I can’t wait to see more.

glad you posting again! nice!

i remember your frankenstein few years ago … i hope to see more work from you

Hello again guys. I’m going to switch attention from the Matilda a bit.

And I would like to show you new WIP. C&C Welcome!

  1. Next gen character. A man.
  2. Caricature. Playing with Fiber mesh
  3. Goblin old style. Dymanesh practise and refreshing an old concept.


second picture looks like Brad Pitt, is it he ? :+1:

My guess as well.

First one looks like Antonio Banderas

Derek Frenzo

You have guessed right! Now guess third then :lol:
Thanks for the comments guys. :wink:

Polypainted version of bald-headed desperado below.


fantastic sculpts bro!
the girl frm Leon is spot on!

These are awesome! Can I ask how exactly you polypainted the stubble on his face? It looks really good and I’m trying to do something similar, only it turned out rather bad :lol:

The eyebrows too are excellent, are they fibermesh or polypaint? No idea who it is though…

really like he Banderas you should fibermesh him. The third one looks like Brad to me.