Cyclops - X-Men

Hi, Guys, this is my last work, in the beginning, it is just a quick sketch in my spare time, but I liked the design and moving forward to polish more the pice, done with Always fun Zbrush, using the basic geometry for the base, Dinamesh, Zremesh a little of 3dsmax and Photoshop! Cheers

Evolution process…


Thanks for sharing your process @arthurduque Fun seeing the progression from sketch to final render :+1:

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Thanks Jaime!
Here is a quick video from how I start with the base mesh

And this is is a Quick tip, for Zremesh Dinamesh tools. (you can pause the video if to fast).
The process is: 1 Duplicate the tool Crtl+D /2- Mask the parts (in this case separate panels like a real Fabric works) 3- Creat New polygroups from there (Crtl+W) and them 4- Zremehser settings / check keep the groups, them reproject the polypaint and high detail of the dinamesh model to Zremesher model (Project All) and as a plus you can go to Uvmaster and unwrap by polygroups! Done :slight_smile:

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love the take on cyclops! thanks for spending the time to show us part of your process