Cyborg Spider Lady

Hey everyone! This is my first post on ZBC, I did this character for Paul Gaboury’s Advanced Digital Sculpting class at Gnomon.
The assignment was to create a hard surface model from beginning to end 100%n ZBrush.
It was definitely challenging but I learned a lot and would recommend everyone who’s used to doing organic sculpting to try to do hard surface to improve their skills.

Rendered in keyshot and based on this concept by Muju https://orig09.deviantart.net/7931/f/2013/017/7/0/project_cool_story___spider_lady_by_muju-d5rrvzs.jpg








Really nice model! Thanks for sharing =)


i love the desing :smiley: very cool work

That looks awesome!
Great work Donna! :+1:

Very impressive work! Awesome :+1:

Ahhhh Thank you everyone!! means a great deal :smiley:

Very impressive , well done.


I would love a 3d print of that to add to my collection. Let me know if you decide to sell prints.

Thanks everyone!

charge5 - I doubt it… maybe further in the future but not anytime soon as making this 3d printable would take a lot of time/work unfortunately, but I’m glad you like it so much.


Good model! Cool looking back hands and i like this idea with it :slight_smile:

amazing work

nice work ! it`s a metal gear rise revengence style bionic cyborg ~ beautiful girl

It’s really good:恩::恩::恩:

Hi donna! beautiful model right there! beautiful art!:+1: i wish one day i can be as good as you!:smiley:
anyway donna if you ever decide to sell this as 3d model file somewhere on the internet sometime I would really love to purchase it. I love beautiful arts!