Cyber Rabit

Hello friends,
Herez a piece of artwork i did in my freetime.the model is based on the conept by Constantin Maystrenko
the sculpt is done mostly in zbrush.the low res mesh is around 11k with 1 X 2048 and 1 X1024 texture. the color shots are realtime directly from marmoset engine except the background.
here are some shots of the model.Hope u like it



Seriously good work, but make the pictures bigger! Let everyone see the goodness without clicking loads of thumbnails! :cool:

cool your rabbit. :wink:

Great job looks awesome

Seriously amazing, amazing, amazing…cant stop to say that…loved this

This is fantastic… Everything about it
really digging the suit and all the detail and textures

well done


Should be top row…!

Thanks Guyz, i am glad you liked the model :slight_smile:
great to hear form you Sébastien, THANKS!! your works are terrific!!

maestro - HAT`s OFF!!! … that is toprow!!!

thanks for the gif !

Seriously COOL!

really beautifull model, WOW!

thanks guys.
here a realtime viewport grab from marmoset engine.