Custom menu groups

I know this has been asked in 2008 but I wanted to re visit the topic.

Is it possible to make a custom menu that contains a whole section from the tools palette ? I want to have my subtool menu on the left side of the interface, always open, while I have the geometry menu always open on the right side.

I assume the tool palette had to have been built in some way by the developers, but I’m not sure if this is something the user has the ability to customize. Even having a “copy” of the tool palette that can be docked on the other side and be open to a different section would be helpful (not not as ideal and being able to grab whole sections and nesting them in a custom menu)

Any tips would be great.

Hello @cgdom

You cannot move an entire subpalette out of a palette. However, you can dock the Tool palette with the Subtool subpalette open on the left tray, and create a custom menu that contains the functions of the geometry palette that you want in the right tray.

Information about customizing the ZBrush interface and creating custom palettes can be found here:



Good luck!