curve (Nudity)

hi here is one of my recent work, i did this character for 3d print purpose.
hope you like:)



I love it. Some of the ‘curves’ are nothing short of superb. I’m not particularly liking the look of the hand. Not the modeling if it, but the way it is posed. Might look better with the fingers closer together or less uniformly splayed. Also, the way the forearm meets the upper arm kind of looks off to me. I think the elbow is too rounded and there isn’t enough of a bulge between forearm and upper arm.

Sweet pose though.

Very, very good :+1:

I love it, great job. I tend to agree about the left hand.


The only thing I’d do to her left hand is put a ring on it! She’s beautiful, very natural, great work!

beautiful work , and a nice pose, I see her shoulder blade is maybe too big or maybe is just me any way keep it up =)


Thanks guys for the feedbacks, i have done couple of changes,
here is the update

Really well done. I think you managed to create something erotic without being pornographic.