Cursor stuck on rotate

Hi, I’m fairly new but have opened my project and the cursor is stuck on rotate, I can’t sculpt. What am I missing here?

Many thanks!


Hello @jamese,

One possibility is that you are working with a primitive and not a polymesh3d object. Primitives can’t be sculpted on until you use the “Make PolyMesh3d” button at the top of the Tool palette.

I’m assuming you’re using ZBrushCore, since this is the ZBrushCore forum. However, if you’re using ZBrush, another possibility is that you entered Edit mode with the mesh while the ZIntensity is less than 100. In this case you would need to deactivate edit mode, move the ZIntensity to 100, and then re-enable Edit mode without doing anything else.

If that doesn’t explain your problem, you can always contact Pixologic Support, and we can take a look at the file for you to see what’s going on.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: