Glad to share with this awesome community my last work for CUPRA! Entirely modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot. Many thanks again to Pixologic Team for making my work super comfortable an fun. Hope you like it!


That’s a beautiful seat! Subtle leather texture, stitching’s really nice, the mechanical under-carriage is nice and crunchy.

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Thanks a lot! Really glad you like it!

A seat for SEAT. Nice modelling :+1:

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Hahahahaha!! That’s the point! :wink:

Clean sculpt, well designed! Will we see more of the interior or you’re just stopping there? :wink:

Hahahaha! Thanks a lot Jaime :wink:
I’m preparing some cool stuff with many closeups and hope I will be sharing it soon here :wink:

Don’t stop there, on to a dash board, door panels :rofl:

Hahahaha! You know well what you are talking about Sir… Yes! That’s the goal! Let’s see what SEAT has to say about this High End bucked 3D version (I’m helping them to upgrade their organic designs to another CGI level) but seems they are super happy :wink: If so, a lot of work are waiting for me and Zbrush!

Alright, that awesome Jordi! :wink:
PS: you may find some good inspiration here:

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Thanks a lot Jaime!