Hi guys, Here is a model that I made with the beta version of Zbrush3.





Wow! This is awesome! :+1:

Beautiful job!

I have one just like it on my porch! :smiley:

I love this! I say top row material!

Great work and thank you for sharing!



yeah definitively toprow, very good classic art. i love it.

That is great. :+1: Small criticism: Cupid will have no luck with his arrows -he’s got no bow!

Superb!:+1: :+1:
Top row!

Delicate and naughty! Hard not to Love it. :wink: :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

excellent!! :smiley:

I’D bet good money that you could sell many 3D prints of this in garden shops worldwide. Great job!

Oh , That’s great ! :o

wow! wow! :grimacing: TOP ROW :+1:

Bravo. Really beautiful. Top row.

Oh, very well :+1:

very, very well done :+1: makes me wonder where he’s keeping his bow though :smiley: please post some detail views if you can!

Oh, my gosh! Where do you go from perfection? The pose is very well thought out from all angles. Where’s a 3D printer when you need one? 50.

Agreed… From a design standpoint, it looks like it was made just for this. I could totally see this in one of those gardening / ornament magazines. Looks like it should be cast in that stone-looking resin.

Your Cupid is right on the mark. Great sculpt.

Absolutely beautiful. Haven’t seen anything like it. Maybe one micron of a crit. (?). Maybe it’s the foresthortening of the lower left leg or foot is a smidge small?

What material is that? Any chance of sharing? It’s awsome, I love it.