Cuban Linked Chain Rings by Esfandiyar Ebadi

Greetings my dear friends :blush:

I would like to share one of my most successful jewelry designs for jewelry markets which I made completely in Zbrush and used VRay in Gemvision Matrix.
For years of working on various projects for different goals with ZBrush, I have focused on Jewelry Design in Zbrush these recent years. Besides being active in Jewelry markets as the Jewelry Designer and producer, training “Jewelry Design In Zbrush” course is one of my most important missions to prove this “Zbrush is also an amazing software for Jewelry Designs” :heart_eyes:
I designed the fully Cuban Linked Chain Rings instead of using the common area for the ring size, I used the whole chain from top to the bottom for the first time.
We have produced the rings in Yellow Gold 18K and Rose Gold 18K in various sizes from 50 to 56 for ladies and 60 to 65 for gentlemen.

Here there are render, screenshots, and real golden rings. I hope you like it:


just beautiful :heart: :heart:

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Outstanding, good to see more jewelers at ZBrush :clap: thanks for sharing :wink:

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Thanks so much dear Vahid

Thank you so much, dear Jaime. It’s my honor you like it.