ctrl **** alt buttons

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping some one is able to answer a question for me as I’m not able to find anything on the forums.

I’m using a tablet pc with no buttons available when in tablet mode so it’s difficult to use ZB because I don’ have access to the short cuts for CTRL ALT SHIFT and Combos, is it possible to create buttons that stay pressed as touch doesn’t work when the pen is active?

look forward to some help on this.

Do you mean a toggle button ?

Hi, yes toggle buttons for the ctrl, shift, alt and combos would be perfect. Is it doable?

perhaps one can try a custom made virtual keyboard that run on tablet PC.

There are some open source touch screen keyboard on codeplex website.

Sounds a bit clunky but I’ll try it out. Thanks for the suggestions

I’m in exactly the same situation. I’ve tried a couple virtual keyboard programs but they do not work well with the pen/touch combination on my Lenovo tablet. Lenovo has an application for launching programs with touchscreen keys and I am trying to figure out a way to use that methodology for shift/ctrl/alt/space inputs.

same here,i dont know if you guys read my post.


i tried to create buttons with the ikeypress command for virtual shift control and alt keys for tablet pcs but i couldnt get it to work.
here is the script. maybe you guys can take a look at it and give it a try.



it creates a botton within the zplugin menue butthe button doesn’t do what i expected it to do which is simulate keyyboard keys.

anyway i’d really appreciatean answer to this question. thanks :slight_smile:

I have a Motion Computing LE1700. I have a few hardware buttons. I CAN assign crtl alt and different combos to the buttons, BUT i cannot get “shift” to map to a button.
Is there any way to reassign “Shift” button in zbrush, to another key?

Hey guys I just wanted to share this with you. I couldn’t get zscript to work to create the toggle buttons but I found a customizable keyboard and interface creator that allows you to create as many or few buttons and use them in combination with zbrush.
the software is called touch-it keyboard or something like that. It comes with touch-it designer which I used to create a 4 button (shift, alt, ctrl and right mouse click) overlaid interface.
It doesn’t work as well as a regular keyboard but I guess that’s all we get for now. :cry:

I know this is not the direct answer to your problems but when I was using a tablet PC it sure was the solution to my problems.

The Nostromo is a keyboard shortcut device, unless you go by their marketing, which describes it as a gaming device. Regardless, what is important is that all 15 keys are programmable ( with supplied software, works with any program ) and that it is just a great device to go with tablet PCs. The form factor is designed for a hand to rest upon and digits to traverse. Ok, I am maybe making it sound better than it is but for a tablet PC with a free USB port I would not hesitate spending the 30-40$ for a customizable keypad.

There have been a couple of mentions of the Nostromo on this forum, for example:

The Best 50$ you’ll ever spend

I was using the N52 constantly but it meet its end while I had the flu and a particularly sticky milk and honey concoction made contact with the N52, instead of my mouth.

It is only because I am a creature of habit that I have not bought the newer n52te , that, and I don’t use a Tablet PC anymore.

Whats the best keyboard for shortcuts?