CTN 2013 Recap (D. Williams, J. Drust, D. Qwek, J. Krichevsky & R. Vignone)

CTN 2013 Recap

In case you couldn’t be in attendance at this year’s Creative Talent Network (CTN 2013) expo, we’ve assembled these recap videos capturing the action live off the floor! Special thanks to the talented group of artists that kept the digital clay flowing across all three days. We would also like to thank our fans and friends for stopping by the booth and keeping it a hot-bed of excitement! See you all again next year!

Here are a few pictures we took at the show:

1. Danny Williams-Dreamworks Animation

2. Joseph Drust-Pixologic Inc.

3. Dominic Qwek-Blizzard Entertainment

4. Jared Krichevsky-The Aaron Sims Company

5. Robert Vignone-Dreamworks Animation

Keep checking back as we will be posting more videos in the days to come!

Great, keeping and eye on this thread…

This thread is going to be awesome… very excited… thanks ZB :slight_smile:

Excellent. Yet another thread with awesome videos.


Great. I´ll enjoy a lot the 3D printing series. Thanks!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Wow! Great tips. Thanks Danny.

Great Vids, thanks for the recap!

wow, so much useful tips.

thanx a lot to all !

LOVE the hour long videos! I’ll watch each one more than once… such great tips in them!

Cool stuff as always!

Hello You, :smiley:

i liked Joseph Drust presentation alot! The idea to make different expressoins and
print them out is genius, never would have thought about that. But then again,
i never printed out anything. Can’t wait to finally print something out myself!

Happy New Year to all the ZBrush community!
see you in 2014!


In fact that’s the same technique that’s used since years in modern stop motion movies like e.g. Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Corpse Bride” to animate the facial expressions of the characters. :wink:

(But of course that doesn’t belittle the ingenuity of that idea per se. :cool:)

well i never gave puppets much thought - other than the little hand-puppet clip i made for my
nephew’s 1st birthday last week! monkey see monkey do.

Thank you all very much for these great resources:+1:

I have a question in regards to Jared Krichevsky’s techniques in Noisemaker (from his related post in his blog).

Here: http://jaredkrichevsky.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/creating-heim-dllr-ctn-expo-2013.html

Is there a way to prevent Noisemaker bloat on the edges of the plane?

I’ve attached a couple of screens.

Cheers, Neil

thought jareds video dropped so many ideas cheers m8

Jared Krichevsky was awesome… enjoyed every tit bit of his demo… thanks :slight_smile: :+1:

I find really odd that the videos in general are captured from a typical Cintiq 24 but the compression makes the letters and numbers unreadable. This happens with all videos delivered by Pixologic. Obviously I really appreciate those videos but I find myself trying to read the name of the brush, the number of polys etc and I simply can’t. I don’t think that it is a question of hosting as it happens also in the youtube videos from Pixologic.

Great videos into the workflow of these industry veterans.

Especially liked Robert Vignone’s 3d print instructional video, looking forward to his site on 3d prints for artists.

Keep them videos coming:+1:

Jared’s presentation was amazing!