Crystal Head - jewellery

This is a kind of idea which come to my head a few days ago.
Hope you will like it.


This is cool, nice post!

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It looks awesome! Have you made anything else?

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beautiful pendant + great job on the transition from cheek to crystal!

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Thank you. I work as a jewellery designer and visualisation artist. It was done for fun.

Here you are. Fishes dancing around the black moon - cufflinks


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These are also nice!

Are you selling any of these? I would love to have a ring in this style, and I think that if you commit to this you can make money. There are people who love this, and I would be the first in line to buy something from you. I am buying jewelry online anyway, my girlfriend loves it when I get her something nice. When making rings you have to know about sizes, us ring size for example differs from other countries, and you have to know this when you try to sell your jewelry in the future, good luck!

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Personally, I don’t prepare this model by hand. I’m more visual designer, digital. But I cooperate with a professional jeweler. If you would like order something just contact me PM at; marekf3h@icloud.com
More of my work you can see at https://www.instagram.com/henrymarcjewellery/?hl=en

Feel free to write to me. And thank you for your kind words.