Hey everybody!

This one is called Cruelty. Body meshes modelled in zbrush, edited and rendered in cinema4D. (original rez: 4096x3072)

[Cruelty LR.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘51331’,‘Cruelty LR.jpg’,1,0))


I really like the mood of this piece and some of the ideas that i believe are behind it. i also enjoy that you left them unsmoothed, something that gives it its own artistic flavor. some suggestions if i may, the background smoke could use a little more variation and depth, also speaking of depth, the larger rear figure, i’m not sure what its supposed to be, but perhaps enlarging it even more, changing the format of the picture to be vertical not horizontal, or shrinking the foreground figure, and adding just a tad of depth of field to the background figure would make this look amazing, imho. Lastly i like the spear, although if its coming from the open hand of the larger figure shoulndt it be on the other side of the smaller figure? or angled differently? Please don’t take any of this the bad way, i’m just saying what i would do if i was at this point, if you are happy with it, way to go, great piece as it is. Also it’s nice to see someone doing nudes and not afraid to have genitals, i really don’t understand that trend of neutering that seems to go around the art community.

I took it into PS to show you what i mean, hope you don’t mind, like i said i really like this one. Cruelty LRmod.jpg

Good work mate, nice job on the anatomy part.

out of curiousity why triangles ?