Cruella DeVille - WIP

I’ve been working on this character for about 5 days now. With the help of several people in our nightly chat sessions, I have finally reached a point where I’m ready to submit the WIP. I still want to add scenery, a few dalmation puppies, and I have to sculpt a purse and jewelry for her. I was going to wait until finished to post, but I’m dying for some feedback.

Thanks to (in no particular order) Ron Harris, Troy1617, Kircho, Fidel, Angel, Spaceboy, Hamilcar, cannedmushrooms, and anyone else I forgot (sorry). Special thanks to Kircho for spending about 3 hours with me trying to perfect the fur material.

Hope you enjoy, I will post updates to this thread.


…mistress? :cool:

I think you did a damn fine job here Slosh. Well worth the time spent. The pose rocks and that fur coat does too. 5 stars:+1:

Wow, very nice. :+1:

Here is my first render of Cruella. With some insight from friends, I decided she looked muched to nice and maybe even pretty or regal. So, we uglied her up a bit.


Slosh- Hey good show!! Definitely Cruella-licious :wink:
Like the changes you made in the pic you posted. Fiber brush for the fur trim eh? Part of me would be interested to see how she would look with the right hand on her right hip. Did you remove the eye lashes, it seems the first render had them but the your first image you posted doesn’t appear to have them. From the front her nose and chin appear to be very prominent they work well together though I might of played with a smaller petite version of those features as well. Overall, its a really fun and frisky image… can’t wait til you add the rest will help it give a lot more umph to the overall look i’m sure!! Great stuff keep it up and was fun in the conference sessions with the Z-Gang sure takes this forum to another level!! Keep it up will be watching for more :+1: :+1:

Hey Brian,
Good to see her clothes :wink: (oh my eyes)

Since you want some feedback and that I haven’t been able to be around the night sesions, so my only comment would be that the part of the wrist that conects to the palm still has the angle issue that we talked about. I know this is still a WIP, so I bet you’ll be able to take it futher.

Love the fur and the pose :+1:

Take care buddy