Hello Guys!!!
I created this model during the workshop with Raf Grassetti, based on the concept of Jerad S Marantz.

All the steps was done in zbrush modeling, texture, pose, shader, light and Render for comp i use photoshop.
I hope u Like guys…

Clay model.

Some Pass of render.

Evolution of model.





Great model! love the anatomy and pose and final comp looks good too!

Awesome work. Great anatomy and detailing.

Awesome render!
How did you setup the lighting in Zbrush?


Wow, great details of your creature!
Well done!

Awesome work, man! Nice detailing and render!

Really well done work, congratulations.

thanks guys!!
After I’ll post a few more steps of light …

Great work, Dude!Congrats!

Frigging awesome, love the feet and hands.:+1:

Very nice! This model is fantastic! could you share how you did some of the sculpting? I know you posted the gif and thats great but i would love more breakdown. You details are very nice!

Hello Vinicius … This is AMAZING … 5 stars !!! …

Very cool, im going to watch this thread and see where it goes.

Skin details looks good. out standing stuff…

Damn ! Good skills Vini ! Thanks for sharing this awesome piece. Can you give more details about the render passes you used there ? GREAT use of the Zbrush render !!

I love it.let batman face off on that.
tell me whats with the second Jaws lately Stan Winston made the
predator with them. Now, I notice that they are gaining a lot of use lately.
just wondering

Really cool.

When and where did you do this workshop with Raf Grassetti??? More info about that?

Hello buddies!
This is my first project by ZBrush.
Wish you enjoy and of course masters don’t hard to get of this work because this is my first exprience.
many thanks and forgive me for my errors in English :slight_smile:




dude i think that u posted in the wrong place this is my thread: SSS

Absolutely stunning sculpt and the final image is brilliant. I love the fur, really well done.

Great stuff.