Creature & Rider Challenge

Hello to all zbrushers,

I am not exactly new to zbrush but, I’m no Pro yet. I see alot of cool stuff from people who model in other programs and bring it into zbrush for the detail only. Like many of you I have found a love for modleing in zbrush itself. Here is my challenge. Attatched is a ztool that I have made. It consists of three parts, the underwater creature, the fairy rider, and the harness. All objects are one ztool. I would love to see what others could and would do with this tool. I will be posting my work as well. Good luck to all you awsome artist out there.

AKA DJ Skyscraper
ztool challenge tool.jpg


ztool challenge poly.jpg

leoplurodon.zip (14 KB)


Thanks for this Grifter :slight_smile:

Gonna take this a way and see what i can come up with, like you im new but ill give it a shot anyway :smiley:


Very nice character idea. :wink:

wait wait… i reread your post grifter… your not new… but im new… but he’s not new… starts to wander off scratching head but im new… but he’s not… but i am…


downloaded it right now ^^
i love those challenges …

thanks for this, i think i may be able to manage something cool with it. Hehe, i need more experience with zspheres so i can make some rigs like this.

Here is my first post of my WIP. was busyduring the holidays. You can post your WIPs as you go.

Can’t wait to see everyones work.



WIP #2 had a little time this morning. Still lay the ground work in z2 then going to jump into z3 for some fun



I’m going to give this a try on the 4th of July. Looks like fun! Thanks for posting.

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