creature for "the game challenge"

First time on this forum :smiley:

Here is a WIP of a creature I am working on for “the game challenge”.
The goal is to make a game model of maximum 20.000 tris and render it in a viewer like marmoset or sketchfab. Also I will do two beauty shots with keyshot.

It’s a creature based on the lion anatomy mixed with some bird features.
It is still posed in symmetry, but the pose will be while the creature is running.
Next steps will be retopo, posing, adding wrinkels, details and veins and maybe some fur.

Any critiques, feedback is greatly appriciated.








Some update for my creature.
Any feedback is appriciated :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
Here is another wip.
Did some keyshot tests.


So here is my final entry for the game challenge.

Creature’s description:

It’s a scavenger predator that hunts in groups.

It eats meat and his beak is usefull to break thick bones.

It runs quite fast but on a short distance.

He lost his eye by fighting with an alpha male.


Model is 18.400 tris.

Zbrush for sculpting and texturing.

3Dcoat for retopo.

Substance painter for baking and texturing.

Keyshot for rendering.

Photoshop and lightroom for compositing.

You can see my sketchfab model on my artstation page:


(make sure to set the sketchfab on HD)

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

English: (sorry for my bad English):rolleyes:

Hi French colleague; )

I’m on ZB.Fr too but it’s been a looong time don’t go…

I went few days ago and saw your animal! I love! You practice ZB since a longtime ? With Max?


Salut collegue Frenchy :wink:

Je suis de ZB.FR aussi, enfin ca fait un looong moment j’y vais p’u trop faute de temps…

Mais y suis passé y’a quelques jours et vu ton animal! J’aime beaucoup! Tu pratique ZB depusi longtemps? Avec Max?

Yes I’ve been using zbrush for about 3 years now.
I often use it with keyshot.

Oui je pratique zbrush depuis 3 ans environ.
Je l’utilise souvent avec keyshot.