Creature Eye

Hey Everyone,

Ive been working on a close up of a creatures eye. Rendered out passes in Zbrush, Composite done in Photoshop.



Cool result! Can you tell about the passes in PS? Cheers!

BPR is my starting point. I like to duplicate the layer and make any simple adjustments needed, like levels.
Next is the Depth, Shadow and AO passes. I usually work with them in that order, setting the blending modes to either overlay or multiply and adjusting the opacity.
For the Cavity Map I used the SketchGummy material as my starting point. Then in the Modifiers tab under Material I adjusted the setting to get something I was happy with. In photoshop for the Cavity Map, set the blending mode to overlay.
For the lights I am using a 3 point setup. Fill your object with Basic Material2 and under the Modifiers tab for the material set the Ambient and Diffuse to 0. Then bump up the Specular and adjust the curve. Then turn on one light at a time and render out each pass. In Photoshop for the Lights set the blending mode to screen and adjust levels if needed.