Creature Core

Hello and welcome to the Creature Core. I start this threat with the »Navigator«
a worm like guy not friendly but a good taxi driver to the stars.
Hope you like it.


Ralf Stumpf

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You don’t see that every day! His brain can eat too! What’s this creature core? A future book of your work?

By the way the mentalis on the chin, you could add some dots to it. He looks like he is contracting it, due to his lower lip being raised somewhat.

Stumpf thats bloody amazing man. Great concept, great colours, great execution. *****

Nice typo :wink: - certainly looks as though he might easily lose his sense of humour! Great work. :+1:

Another wonderful model from you :+1: :+1: He looks really scary :slight_smile:

Great example of soft and hard-edged modelling, good texturing as well :+1:


Looks so finished and complete! And nice to see some Dune-stuff. Top row for me! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Which is the favourite for of this monster??? xDD

Very original and… unusual work of you, Ralf

Hug from Spain, my friend


great interpretation of the ‘navigators’. you did the baron Vladimir harkonnen, now a navigator, are you going to spoil us with more excellent Dune characters?

Brilliantlly crafted modeling and intriguing character, Ralf - love the subtleties
of the veins and overall design - :+1:



This is some hard surface modeling with ZBrush3. The main mask is made
from a pole-less sphere, the tentacles are zSpheres, the neck and the tube-
hair is made in maya. The detail on the mask is made with a little help of
ZAppLink (beta). Realtime rendering in ZBrush.
Hope you like it.


Ralf Stumpf

Great concept Stumpf. Just great.

I love this new one.

The whole series is great, but they didn’t have your signature modeling style. Clean lines, very illustrative, tons of personality… I’ll take this over photorealism any day! :smiley:

Looks really cool. Like the hard surface modelling aswell. Did you get the inspiration for the navigator from the Guild Navigator in Dune? He used to travel the stars and was one ugly dude and so were his followers!

Every model you make is SO clean and sharp. No line out of place, not a detail too much, it makes you focus on the pure shape of the thing. Can you put a finger on why and how you achieve this? You really should make a tutorial about the way you work and design, I think you’re the cleanest modeler on this forum. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

btw. I laughed when I noticed his little tongue. :laughing:

Thanks very much for comments.
For those who must work in both worlds I made today the MB standard shader
for ZB3 as realtime MatCap. Hope you find it useful.


Ralf Stumpf


This is fantastic Ralf.
Thankyou very much for this, it looks fantastic.
And thanks for the rs grey clay material too, I have used that as my main sculpting mat since its download.
They are much appreciated :+1:

Hey, is that Mudox clay?

Oh I’ll be original again - excellent as always Ralf! :+1: :smiley: no I idea how you keep’em so clean :wink:

Your materials are more practical than most. Thank you for another one!

I still think of “MB” to mean “MotionBuilder”, but that didn’t make any sense at all here, and left me feeling stupid.

Mudbox! Duh. Thank you for asking that.