Creature concept

hey guys ,this is my new creature concept design that i was working in my free time,nothing special i just tried to use some of my new techniques for sculpting creatures
hope you like it.



vicious! love the birdlike features!

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@dns3d.exe tnx man :metal:

awesome design really kia

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That’s a pretty cool beastie, and a nice clean sculpt! :slightly_smiling_face:

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good flow on the model! love it :slight_smile:

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tnx dear vahid :metal: :cowboy_hat_face:

tnx dear @Spyndel :metal: :black_heart:

tnx dear @Pixo_Daisuke :metal: :black_heart:

“Nothing special” … great sculpt - would love to see him/it posed :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!

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@Geert_Etcher_Melis tnx man :sweat_smile: i appreciate you,i have a lot of work with him,texturing will be next one, after it i will give him a good pose for sure :black_heart: :metal:

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tnx mate :metal: