Creature Bust Sculpting Workshop

Hey all. I’m kinda new here. Been lurking for a while reading different tutorials and marveling at the skill of everyone here. So as a thank you for all the help this community has given me (not directly as I’ve never posted anything but y’know what I’m on about), I thought I’d try and pass on some of the knowledge I’ve picked up and make my own workshop.

Now don’t be expecting Gnomon Workshop or Digital Tutors quality here as it’s my first time recording for an audience so I was pretty freakin’ nervous as is very evident. But I enjoyed the experience and will probably make some more and will be more confident with the more I do.

So here is a full workshop, from start to finished piece for the dude below.




First, THANK YOU!!!
THANK YOU for the time you spent doing this. I am partially through the first chapter and it is PERFECT to see HOW you do things.

PLEASE DO NOT SPEED THE VIDEOS UP!! It makes them totally worthless for learning!! PLEASE!

More later but I just had to stop and say THANKS!!!



No problem, mate. I’m glad you’re liking it and that the style suits. I definitely won’t be speeding up the videos in any of the tutorials I do in the future. Tremendous thanks for the good feedback too - I’ve only had feedback from one of my friends who doesn’t even sculpt so t’s great to know it’s helping somebody :slight_smile: It’d be great if you could show what you came up with when you’re done as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Again! I watched the first chapter… and have been practicing what you have shown. I have owned Z Brush for 3 years or so… and I have gotten further since watching your video that I ever have. I could get a little stuff done but had a lot of questions that your first chapter answered. :idea:

I do training videos for machinist… so I know the time and effort it takes. I can’t wait to watch the next chapter!!

Many Many Thanks. Dan.

That makes me really happy to hear, Dan. Glad you’ve found it useful and taken the time to give some feedback :slight_smile:

just started watching the first chapter have had zbrush a while but only just found the time to get into is seriously and your thought you video was great for a beginner like me many thanks, its answering a lot of questions I had and showing me stuff I knew how to do in theory but was unsure how to put into practice…

Nice one