Creature Bust. 'Meet Cliff.'


Personal work. Creature design concept.

Meet Cliff. Cliff is a cosmic archaeologist from the nearby Andromeda Galaxy.
He is the travelling companion of someone known as, The Doctor.
Today Cliff is on Earth studying the unfortunate decline of Human Civilisation v1.0

Designed, sculpted and painted digitally in Zbrush, Keyshot and Photoshop.



I like how Cliff has both an alien look and also some sort of fantasy goblin appearance.

The skin textures are very well done. What was your technique?

My Dad saw this and said he liked how the creature’s ears look.

My Mom says it reminds her of an alien in a major motion picture. Which one, she can’t recall yet.

It’s funny, I had been watching an episode of “Doctor Who” a few minutes before I found this.


Thankyou Minnow, that’s quite a compliment!

I mostly used dam_standard and clay buildup for the skin. I may have used an alpha to break up the main forms to start off.