Creature boy

This guy started out as a costume I built for my four year old son for Halloween. I loved his proportions, with his big head and belly, and I ended up making a full size 3d printed sculpture. He was fdm printed in several pieces and seamed and patched together. Thanks for looking!


Awesome :vulcan_salute:
I hope there was a costume and he used it? :grinning:

Thanks! Yes Yes I did make a costume for him. For his costume, the mask was sculpted in zbrush, and I sculpted the body traditionally in clay. He loved it…and we had a great Halloweeen. Here are a couple pics
creature 3 creature 4

creature 3 _2


I would have been thrilled to wear such a great costume and even colored the second time hmmmm :slight_smile:

(I think even if we’ve outgrown it, we’ll probably keep it as a family treasure) :jack_o_lantern:

Awesome Awesome. Yea he had a blast making it with me, and wearing it. We always have fun on Halloween. Thanks

So freaking COOL!!! @Shane_Stover your 4 year old was destined to wear that costume :joy: and proud he stands :smile: Thanks for sharing.

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Love this!!

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this is fantastic. Thank you for sharing so much.

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Ah yes he was stoked to wear it! Thank you!