Creative Hard Surface Design with Zmodeler

Hi guys, friends and artists.

I was wondering if some of you are interested to a tutorial from me, may be a Gumroad tutorial.

“Creative Hard Surface Design with Zmodeler”

Especially based on my approach to creative design and technical aspects of hard surface modeling in Zbrush.

Actually ,i’m recording my zbrush sessions in my computer.

Please let me know if you’re interested.




Hi Cki

I think this would be most welcoming to all, especially if you keep it to your approach and creative design. I wouldn’t stray into… this tool does this, this tool does that etc. I think what Pixologic and Joseph has put out to the community is plenty on all the Zmodeler tools etc. So yes most definitely put it out there my friend.

A preview would be great also if you are going down the charge/purchase route.



You are awesome my friend!

Zmodeller is one of this features that I am a bit scared of, but super curious about at the same time, so I am really looking forward any tutorial on that subject. Also your hard surface modeling is superb in general. Seeing alone how you manage and layer such complicated meshes as a whole would be interesting :slight_smile:

Most definitely yes! You have a great portfolio and a unique approach and style in your work. Build it, and they will come. :smiley:
Looking forward to whatever you come up with.

:+1: cool design hop to see more

Cool design :+1:
I too would be interested in seeing your process :slight_smile:

I too would be interested, especially if integrated with Substance Paint or dDO for texturing and bringing the finished objects back into ZBrush/Keyshot or Marmoset for rendering. If you also included Photoshop compositing that would put it up there with the top ZBrush tutorials available on Gumroad. Awesome modeling and materials by the way. :+1:

Hey, I think a tutorial like this would be very valuable. I had my fare share of good and bad experience with the zmodeler. Sometimes it feels very light and easy and something it’s just roadblock after roadblock. By far you seem to be one of the most creative artists with that tool. So in short - yes please do it.

Your work is incredible! Love to see a tutorial of your hard surface process and theory. Especially interested in how you integrate ZModeler with other ZBrush techniques.

Tons of modelling tutorials out there. I would definitely be more interested in a tutorial on rendering. Looks sharp and nice.

I’d be interested in the tutorial on your process and how you achieve the end results! I can never make any hard surface anything look very good at all.

oh god please do it!!! i would CERTAINLY buy a tutorial like these.

HECK YEAH- sure there are hard model tuts- but none on hard surface with zmodeler- If you put up a preorder page- you have my purchase!:+1:

WOW! I’m interested! let me know! PLEAAASEEEEEE

Hell yes. Take my money now

count me in

one more here.

Always interested in new ways of approaching an outcome :+1:

If its just building helmet(s), in real time, while you speak your mind and talk about tools, for under 8 hours, 10 - 15 USD is fair.

I like the output presented, is your method pretty quick for concepts?

Big phat yes from me! would love to see your creative process using the Zmodeller, I always fid myself getting caught up in the technicalities of it and not really setting my imagination free as much as I would like to!