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PLEASE READ: In this thread I am going to be experimenting with various techniques and combinations of tools, with one goal: to improve the speed and efficiency of my workflow in order to better serve my creative needs.
So this is basically an ongoing lab rather than a structured tutorial.
It occured to me that my experiments (even the failed ones) might be of use to ZB users, and that is why I decided to post this thread in the tutorials forum.
But at the same time this thread is a WIP, where the work in progress is the constraction of techniques. So any feedback, critics and advice are higly apreciated.

I am going to be using ZBrush in combination with Photoshop and sometimes Modo, in order to achieve the highest efficiency in my images. This is a speed ZPainting. It started as a displaced plane. I rendered it with several passes and then I composed the renders as layers in PS. Then I speed-painted some of the areas of the renders using brushes derived from drawings and ZBrush alphas. Total time: 2-3 hours (not fast enough).




This is a product of the same technique. Here I tried to be bolder on my brush strokes to increase the speed. Also, I used the Fiber Brush in ZB to create a better base for the speed-painted trees. By doing that I didn’t have to paint tree trunks (except for the two in the foreground), and also I could bettera visualize the jungle.
Total Time: 1:45 (somewhat satisfied).




Thanks for sharing,Ilike this thread!!


Same technique again, displacing a plane and also a sphere primitive with one of the default tecxtures in ZB. The creation of distant shots with ZB is intriguing. This went faster too. Here is my layer composition too.
Total time: 1 hour (about 15 minutes in ZB and 45 in PS).


LOL, I love it. How fast will it get I wonder. :slight_smile:

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very good job!

I find your thread very interesting. i think that your painting of the jungle is my fave. Great use of time. I’ve seen pics like these as part of concept art for films and such. Feeling very inspired.:+1:

Opps. Sorry about that Aurick. I didn’t realize it worked that way. Thanks for fixing it.

This is fantastic!!!
Do you build color swatches or do you select colors new every time you change them?

PS:Ahhhh, a ZeebleSpaceCraft! You are my hero! And you have proven… they do not fly well haha.

very good work !!!

Great to see these type of pictures from you again Mytholon :+1: I loved your earlier concept works.

Thanks for the breakdown of the picture elements. They give me courage :slight_smile:

This is brilliant, love what your doing. been playing with landscapes myself, but not as much skill as your displaying here.

keep up the good work

Nicy tuts :+1:
And the famous texture N° 13 always alive :smiley:

Inspirational and innovative as always Mr. Mytholon. Please keep posting.:slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you for checking out my lab people.
Lemo, talking about Zeeble, how about this.
Another experiment. This time, I generated the model from a masked plain which I then converted into a Poly3D.
I also created adaptive UVs in ZB but I rendered it with Modo.
This is an occlusion rendering. Glows, colors, grunge and dirt were added in Photoshop.
Time without rendering: 20 minutes.
I rendered this at about 2500 px wide. So the rendering took another 20 minutes I think.





This last one is rendered in ZBrush and painted in Photoshop. The lights are part Zbrush (Intensity and Glow brushes) and part Photoshop (color dodge).

SCALED ON Z!!! hahaha… Now I feel like such a retard. I always ended up with flat results and could not find a good way with size and inflate, spherical…
LOL… Have to try that today. Thanks fir the hint. It’s so obvious, but I didn’t get it…

Youn don’t know this mythic page? :smiley:
(slide a little)

My God… it’s wonderfull to these such illustrations come from programs I own too. Yet my images never look that good, which goes to show that you can have the best software in the world, you still need to be an artist to make it tick. :smiley:
Inspiring to see Zbrush used as a painting tool again Myholon, keep posting. :+1:

(p.s. I liked the thumbnails too ;))