Creative Character Engineering works

Haven’t posted on here in a long time, but I have done a lot in ZBrush since. First I want to post something that another great artist on here did, this was a brilliant, exciting design by Joseph Drust who was gracious enough to let me and my company make this for real to test our new 3D printers, and how well they worked together. This was a while ago now, and we have even more printers, and I look back on how much work it took, but it turned out ok, and I’m grateful for the learning experience since it informed all of the work we are currently doing. Here are some images of the process as well as the final. My approach would be very different now but it got the job done. Thanks Joe!





ZBrush Document.jpg



color helmet decal sheet scaled flat.jpg

That’s awesome, great job! I, like many others I presume, would love to know more about the lessons learned during the making of this.

Awesome stuff. Thank you for posting.

Dope!! was so great to see it in real! awesome work !

Hey Andrew,

Turned out amazing! Thanks for sharing the images!