Creating new edge through a single polygon

Hi dear Zbrushers, is there any method to create a point on the edge and make an edge connection between a newly created point with another point (like on the screenshot I shared ) or just any other method to make a new edge within one polygon (not an edge loop through all polygons). I would be glad for any clues.


Zmodeler:Point Action - Slice - click on point at left, drag to the right hand edge. Note that ZBrush only supports quads and tris so creating the new point on the right hand edge will also create new topology on the polygon to it’s right.

Zmodeler also has Edge and Polygon Slice actions. INtroduced in 2021.5 so upgrade if you don’t have the latest release.

Demostrated here by Michael Pavlovich Zmodeler Slice Actions

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Thank you that’s what I was looking for :+1: