Creating CharacterStrip with higher resolution

Anyone know how can I create CharacterStrip with zApplink with a higher resolution? I tried to adjust document width and height in “document” but only end up with more white space. the object itself is just as small as original. Please advise. thanks!

Hey Micocheung.

Increase your document size to the preferred high resolution you need, then pres the “AAHalf” button (should be top right under BPR button). This will zoom your image to half size on screen (50%) so you can see your whole scene on screen, but still render at full resolution.

To revert back to 100% size, just click the “Actual Size” button (below the AAHalf button) to go back to normal size screen, and change back to your lower document size if this high resolution isn’t needed after you’ve finnished rendering.

Hope that helps, cheers