Creating better robot

Hey! This is my first model of robot. It is a long way to Furio Tedeschi, but I am working on it :smiley:

I would very much like to hear critical comments on my work (rendered in Blender 2.74, Cycles).

Art #1:




Nice work and you should mention Zbrush maybe you will get more response.

Thank you for your reply and advice so much!:slight_smile: It was my first work, back then I did not use ZBrush… I made it using primordial box modelling technique… :slight_smile: But the next one I re-sculpted in ZBrush! And use Substance Painted to texture it.

Here is my latest attemt! Turnable model is here: https://skfb.ly/JRF9

I really hope you like it :slight_smile: