Creating a cute 3D character for realtime animation and 3D printing

In this work, I wanted to build a 3D character both suitable for realtime animation and 3D printing.

First, I choose this cute 2D character design by Diana Marmol : https://twitter.com/dianammarmol/status/1375491768100225025/photo/1

Then, using ZBrush, I first modelled a T-posed version with nice topology for animation.

marmon_notextured marmon_wireframe

I tested its suitability for animation using Mixamo


After that, I posed it in 3 different poses, and prepare them for 3D printing.
I cut the models in order to minimize the use of supports, and also enable to print the swimsuit in a different color. I printed them in PLA:

Finally, I also wanted to show a scene with the 3 poses as in the Diana Marmol illustration. But I also wanted to show it in realtime. In order to achieve that, I aplied materials and lights to the scene in Marmoset. However, since I wanted to post it to Sketchfab for realtime visualization, and Marmoset do not have lighmap baking, I have to lightbake it in Blender.
Here you can see the scene in realtime:

And these are some realtime renders made in Marmoset:

render_pose1_1 render_pose1_2 render_pose1_3 render_pose2_1 render_pose2_2 render_pose2_3 render_pose3_1 render_pose3_2 render_pose3_3

Hope you like it. I learned a lot about preparing models for different uses.