Create instance subtool macro not working anymore?

So, ive just followed mike pav’s new tutorial on subtool instancing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPjnANEwmpg

The first time i followed along, everything worked fine, just as in the video

The second time however my macro was not working anymore and instead get a result like this

As you can see i only get out the reference plane. there’s nanomesh nor the ability to toggle nanomesh, so i as wondering what went wrong here.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Rachquiat

Create Instance Subtool works as expected for me on both Windows and macOS.

Are you able to use the macro successfully with any tool? For instance, draw out a simple polysphere, make it a polymesh 3d, then append the default polymesh3d star. Use the Macro on it.

If it works with that but not the other, there is likely some issue specific to the original subtool causing the issue. If you can’t get it to work at all, there is likely an issue with your installation, and you will need to contact Pixologic Support.

Thank you!