crash cart

putting something together for the Dominance War :





Awesome creature, love the detail! The legs seem to be just a bit small for the size of the character. Great work!

Great sculpt. The only thing that bothers me are the chain links on his left forearm. Some over lapping layers of skin would be nice to see. Or maybe smaller links that wrap around his forearm like a gauntlet?

Love everything else

Great Creature… I really like it.

The concept is excelent (I like it).

Good work :slight_smile:

awesome dude, dig the proportions a lot, very cool silhouette too.
keep it coming! :smiley:

Great Concept, I like it!!

Maybe the Head is too Small :slight_smile: But it’s only my taste…


thanks guys. small update with a spinner. the tank on his thigh is just a stand in 'til i make the proper one. still a few more little bits to get in. maybe a hairDo. and his weapons. sculpt. refine. rinse. repeat



nice job :slight_smile: this creature is weird
in the first picture right arm looks very thick and unbalanced, but in spining image this fealing disapears and all model looks awesome :wink: