Craig Maresch Sketchbook

Hey yall this is actually my first post, I’ve been kinda timid about showing my work. I’m graduating from AIW this year and would like some feedback. So any and all suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!
Octo Angled.jpg

Here is a model that I used a base mesh I made in Max. Of course the most fun with these models was the polypainting.

Here is a character that I made up when I was little, and have continued to evolve him, and finally I found the medium through which I can show people.

[attach=166426]Therium Angled.jpg[/attach]
[attach=166428]Therium Front.jpg[/attach]
[attach=166429]Therium No Robe.jpg[/attach]
[attach=166430]Therium Skull.jpg[/attach]

This is essentially the same character as the first but after a transformation, although I actually made this one before the other.

[attach=166431]Therium Armor.jpg[/attach]
[attach=166432]Therium Armor Back.jpg[/attach]
[attach=166433]Therium Armor Close up.jpg[/attach]

Both models were pushed pretty far in Max, atleast until I got tired of working on them there. Then I worked a lot on each in Zbrush, again painting was fun!


Therium Angled.jpg

Therium Front.jpg

Therium No Robe.jpg

Therium Skull.jpg

Therium Armor.jpg

Therium Armor Back.jpg

Therium Armor Close up.jpg

good models but keep using clay brushes and studyng anatomy

:b4: come se my works:b4:

This model I also started in Max, originally it was an anatomical study of the skeleton, and then I pushed it further to be a study of the muscle system. I had no idea there were so many muscles! So its not all of them yet, but most, and I hadn’t the time to flesh out the details of the muscles or tendons, so this is going to be a long WIP!

Muscles Front.jpg


Muscles Left.jpg

Muscles Back.jpg

Muscles Close Up.jpg

Ooo first reply! Thank you Adam, I’m tryin to branch out and use all the different brushes, sometimes I get stuck on only a few.

buy and read human anatomy for artists sarah simblet very good book
and watch alex oliver videos

I’ll check those out, thanks.

Hey I was wondering if anyone knows a tutorial for hard surface sculpting in Zbrush.

Haven’t posted in a long time here, but here is some of the stuff I’ve been working on lately. This is the sculpt I did for the Marvel challenge on CGhub.

Here is just a character I was exploring, he’s kind of a stag beetle warrior.
Here is another model, a little older, mostly done in Max, but I’ve recently brought it into Zbrush to add more details later.
Here is my Godzilla, not finished, it’s a WIP.

Any critiques would be appreciated!

That Carnage piece looks marvelous!

Thanks, I realized though after I submitted it for the challenge though, that it was lacking a better render. Some of the other submissions were head and shoulders above my render. So I’m looking for tips on getting it to look like a real clay sculpture.


Finally textured and did a better render for Carnage.

awesome work dude… u nailed it :slight_smile:

This was a quick sketch for a hydra head, not a fan of hydras looking like a dragon so I went with a snake.


Here is a mage character I was working on for a forum competition.


Lately I have been working on a warrior character for a game I am working on. Still working on designing his armor to be unique.

Hal Danis.jpg

Here is a Trex I did for a State Dept. Art show recently.


And here is the pose, not sure if I like this render or the first.

Doing the Trex got me goin on dinosaurs again, I should revisit my old dinosaur model too.