Hello, this is one project I’m working on I want to show All that I’ve learned from all these years of work in the game industry.
This character is a cowboy, I try to reach the quality of a AAA game, like Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar games.
Total Poly count: 87k tris - 7 UV sets - PBR metallic roughness textures - 110h of work, from blocking to the final textures.
I make all the clothes using Marvelous Designer (less the belts and hat), Refine everything with Zbrush, Retopology in Maya, Textures using Substance 3D Painter, and Bake and render using Marmoset Toolbag.
Hope you guys like it!
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#zbrush #marmoset #characterart #characterdesign #wester #reddeadredemptopm #rockstar #realtime #AAA #tripleA