Cowboy skully

Finally, I able to complete this one. Honestly, I struggled a lot with this, but I learned a lot. I almost gave up on this project and didn’t know what went wrong or what I needed to learn to make it look appealing, so I gave it a rest for almost a month and then after experimenting a million times finally got the results I wanted. I know this isn’t perfect, but I’m thrilled and glad that I didn’t stop.
I guess this is what ‘Learning’ is!
Thanks to Vijay Pratap Singh for helping me on the way.
Based on an Illustration by Bozhko Dimitrov.
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w6n666 - My Artstation


Nice, hes like hey so I shot a guy, well done

Also, cheers for the lighting breakdown, still just getting back into it and the lighting rendering thing is a tad confusing for me.

thank you! I’m glad it helped you.