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WIP Female Study

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ZBrush Babe.jpg

Clown WIP all comments welcome

Bird Man Inspired by my neurotic Budgie, who used to pluck his own feathers, may he RIP

I would love to get some feedback from any anatomy experts out there

My first attempts at hard surface

Cool stuff keep it up! :):+1:

thanks for the support Santis

Overall the female body looks very nice and natural, so accept my congratulations. I also like a small touch like a tan lines under the pants.
Here are several tips that hopefully might come handy:

  • If I were you I would extend the acromial portion of the deltoid just one cm down the arm. From a front view the contour looks fine but in side view it appears a bit too short
  • Then, I would rework a bit the Pectoralis major. I’m talking about its lateral edge (anterior wall of the armpit) where the fiber twisting occurs. The clavicular portion distally lays and inserts very close to the Deltoid, but in your sculpt it doesn’t look so. Also, pay more attention to the abdominal portion of the pecs - in your image their direction is almost vertical which isn’t correct
  • It is not very clear due to the hair, but I think the infraclavicular fossa (a gap between pecs and deltoid) should be more prominent with exposed clavicle above (more sharp because no muscle fibers on top of it)
  • Going down, you definitely should break the symmetry in abdominal muscles. I’m also not very sure about the Greek arch that you gave to her. It is more masculine feature and more sharper angle (from costal arch, not softened by upper packs of the abs) looks more feminine. But this is up to you of course. Still you should pay more care and show the interaction of ribs, cartilages and muscle fibers instead of making perfect and smooth arch.
  • ASIS should be more clear. I don’t see it at all to be honest. because of it the flow of External oblique looks very strange
  • PSIS (this two dimples at her lower back) might be more apart since she is a female and her pelvis is wider than male one
  • You made the widest point of her hips at the level of the greater trochanter. Judging about the amount of fat by looking at her bum I believe that widest part should be at the level of lateral thigh fat pads - a bit lower. Though again it is up to you.
    I hope it was helpful and good luck!

man i just wish i knew how to do anything even like this

Vir Norin…thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. My knowledge of anatomy will increase significantly just by trying to understand your feedback. Anyone attempting a female sculpt should be well aware of your work, you are an artist of some significance, thanks again for stopping by, and for the comprehensive feedback.

Mitviz…thanks for the compliment. Just keep practicing

Flower Troll…part of an animation idea I am working on

A Butterfly Troll

I like the feel of ur trolls, especially the one with the bee. Awesome work.

Last102 thankyou very much. More to come soon

An Ice Troll.

Female Anatomy update. Calling this one finished until I put some clothes on her

all comments welcome

some more WIP

An Ocean Troll

His mission is to eat all the plastic floating in the ocean.

A Guitar playing Troll

Hope you like it. CC always welcome

Another Troll WIP

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