Cosmic Ollie's Works

I love Zmodeler, the new snapshot feature and ZRemesher which made this work possible. Rendered in Keyshot. the hdri environment I took from hdri haven.

I hope you like it

Cosmic Ollie


I don’t know what all of your bike features are, but the look is totally RAD! Very strong design @cosmic.ollie :clap:


Pretty slick!

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Dude!!! what the…? Cosmic bike it is :wink: do you have any recording of this? crazy sleek man.

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Yeah, so like… I quit and stuff…

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thank you very much ! this really means a lot to me.
I worked really hard for it. and:

i dont know what all the features are :smiley: but they look cool :wink:


thank you !
a guy on twitter commented like:
what does one wear to fit on this machine ? :slight_smile: so I have to design a
suit ?


let´s call it cosmic bike :smiley: i will definitely do a little summary how
i made this. please give me a little break for some days - i´m really


:smiley: i hope to get a job with this what i am doing. if you have any idea

who i can write to and who could use my skillz - please let me know.
I´m from a little “cowtown” in Germany and not even my friends
understand what I am doing. that is really frustrating. I hope to get
to know people who I can talk to about what we all love here on zbc.

more 2 come, love



greetings and a lot of respect to cki vang
he is my big idol when it comes to hard surface modeling and I learned
so much from his videos on youtube. and his imm brushes on gum road


i am at the moment reducing this model to bring it to realtime / vr.

if you want to take a look at my realtime works (I hope I am allowed to do
so in this forum ?) if I´m breaking any rules - let me know

@cosmic.ollie Do you have an Artstation page? I think that would be a good move toward getting more noticed for job opportunities. I, personally, only worked in California, but I suspect that if you were willing to move there, this level of skill would have no trouble getting work.

So cool !
Really want to see the process and workflow behind it.

Wow what a hard surface. Really cool!
Plaese describe your workflow. is evry thing done in Zbrush or did you use other software?

started learning calligraphy. still a complete noob.
now i put these concepts to my old commodore c64
made a petscii with the charset.

and made something from that in zbrush

merry x-mas - stay safe & see you soon

Cosmic Ollie