cosmic azurhi

this is a work in progress and i decided to try to modify the horse that came with the program. i do like to do things from scratch but this was an excercise in line work and concept work. its made of highly unstable material but that enables it to cross time and space with ease. im probably going to add crystls on its sholder and such as a variant with matching armor. there will be a mane made out of a nebula like substance bordring lava properties.

cosmic azur.JPG

suggestions are apreciated and what i can do to improve it

this was just a project when i had no real knoledge of zbrush, i have a better understanding of it now thanks to everyone on the fourm, it was the pixologic horse[thanks whoever made that]. that is the base for this only modified. sure i may have mucked it up, but more importantly at this stage is the material that i came up with, its funny part of it was on accident, i have a series of materials based off this and the lines/engravings were done on a laptop touchpad :lol: fakessazarhi5.jpg the wings have more detail and i wanted to get the jist of one of the materials, this was done in z2.i will work on this more i have to build up form in the wings, its rough and i also am getting prepared for z3. it is a zsphere mesh structure[inserts]. i still have to add the mane and tail, as well as the ethereal qualitys to the wings among other things. i want to add a character to it with a saddle to boot. please offfer suggestions for improvment and im not sure how ill provide the materials perhaps in a zip, please as a newb idreally apreciate feedback, its important that something be learned from this so in the future i can do a better job. i may end up when i have enough skill to make a horse of my own. i will wait to post others as per the fourm policy. [Edit, i do intend to

Yari- Its good to see you revisiting a interesting idea now that you have a bit more knowledge of ZB2. Though your still new and learning a lot like myself, its good to see you not abandoning your idea and looking to improve upon it over time. Nothing wrong with using anothers base mesh as your giving credit for that… I’m sure now you prolly could experiment on the structure now more so and make it more your own. It sounds like you used it as a study for your material and engraved detailing you applied. Once ZB3 and the lazy mouse feature comes out it would prolly help you greatly to emblish and achieve more of what you want out of this piece.

When I think of the words cosmic and ethereal that you’ve used in relation toward your image or material maybe you could work toward experimenting with more of a translucent qualities to help give more of a celestial aspects to it? Would like to see more images and more of your thoughts before I can give any more definitive feedback. This forum has a ton of talented artists… I hope more will be willing to add more insight as well to your project. Keep working hard will check back in for your updates. :slight_smile:

shuould i give more examples of the materials, since this is a wip i figure that it would be good to showcase the materals on a complex object. i have a silver and gold too + a black one too, but with these you can have almost any color combination it just takes a little tweaking.

silver one
azarhi silver1.jpg

if anyone wants a certian color combo, ill try my best to tweak the material for it. on a side note, the poly count on this one is my limit on my laptop, i havent even bothered with my desktop yet so it might take a little longer, as it has to wait compacting memory and such for the preview mode. the biggest chalange will be trying to make the the nebula mebranes, perhaps in z3 it is possible to model them. i will try angel to make it transparent enough, my reasoning for the solid approach was the glossy fake sss was encasing the ethereal qualities to make it more intresting, but good suggestion.

a nice black material although i gave this particular version a bump to it.i am playing around with different color schemse too, these materials will look more seamless when i build up the wing part of the mesh, but for now i think it would be best to showcase the materials too although the model is important too, i really want to push zbrush even as version 3’s mass release date is closing in. fakessazarhi46.jpg

Hey yari. Revisiting ideas is good and I like the detailing you are showing here. Just thing with extraction you will be able to make seperate meshes and use those as armor! :slight_smile: It has that look because of material but still. It may be something to look forward to :smiley: :+1:

here is a pack of asorted materials including those ive shown here on this thread, feel free to mod, show me what you use them for, you could with a little tweaking change it to any color combo. thank you pixologic for letting me post these! now ill concentrate on the etheral qualitys.

Thx Yari,

Once Z3 hits you will see me use them:D :+1:

np, i am really looking forward to z3, im currently conceptualizing things, i still have other threads i have to finish but this way it keeps it fresh and the knoledge can transfer back and forth to make the most out of this for all.

i retooled the mat and then proceded to concept the purple elements in photoshop via personally made brushes after i rendered it out of z, this is basicly what i want to do in zbrush 3

second pac of mats. Thanks pixologic for allowing us space on here!

z3 is great! i havent been able to work on things as much, but none the less heres an update, kinda low quality since i dont have my own hosting, thanks pix… i fixed my mat, and am working on others as well.

This last version of your mat is a nice variation Yari. It has a really lava look so the horse must have just phased into hell lol. I think that with Z’s new features that you should start over though using the same concepts you are trying for here. You can build more substantial wings in another program and bring them in to addend to the horse figure. This gives you a lot more to play with. Use your laptop to work on the base but take it to your desk for details. Extract your armor from the horse figure itself. The detailing on the horse itself should be relegated to hooves, mane (using the new hair method) and muscle structure. Let the mat dictate the horse’s etherealness. On the armor is where you want the whirls and cogs you have drawn on him. Maybe he is a horse lost in cosmic battle to explain his armor. You can see a crude doodle in my experiment thread of a way to detail armor. anyway dont stop now :slight_smile: :+1:

ty, i will go that way with it, i need to get my skills up, ive tried a few things, i think i have a direction but thanks for guiding it into the right direction.

mosty why much of it hasnt changed is because im working on my sculpting abilities in 3d rather than 2d on other projects, i need to figure out a workflow as far as techniques go, some things im really flustered with in the new z so i still have a habit of building things in z2 and then transfer them to z3, as some features are very very confusing… but i love zbrush so its an adventure :smiley: .

ive got to figure out more things so thats also why the progress is slow :lol: .

i will be posing some more mats soon for z3 although the previous packs here do work for z2 on up