Coridium's Sketchbook

Hi all,

I have been a viewer of this awesome forum for too long. I have been astounded and inspired by a lot of the work on this site and I thought that I should stop just viewing, contribute more.

I have to say I am very nervous about posting here, as I said before there is so much quality work that its a bit intimidating but posting seems like a good way to improve so here goes…

I have always been impressed with the work that was created for the uncharted series (environments, characters, everything really, its just awesome) but I also particularly liked the Artifacts that you collect through out the game, so I decided to create some of my own, I created these about 2 or 3 months ago and I would still like to maybe do a couple more so I will hopefully add more soon.





They where all created from start to finish inside zbrush and rendered with a basic metacap and one light.

I posted a similar thing on polycount and some people asked for basic workflow so I created this simple video.

[](http://vimeo.com/27311497) Anyway I hope that yous like it, I hope to post more sketchbook updates soon.







You nervous? … such great work. Welcome! :smiley:

Nervous? Don’t be nervous! You have some nice modeling there. Hope to see more from you soon.

Wonderful, informative tutorial. I would love to see one on how you created the knife sometime! :lol:

Why be nervous? This thread could go in the Top Row because it shows such a wonderful way to use Zbrush to design knives and jewelry.

Great work!

I agree with EricShawn, amazing works here with top row potential even =)
No reason to be nervous with such quality works. Well u broke the ice now, so keep posting! :smiley:

This is great work !..I actually found your bracelet tutorial last week and was rather impressed…I am a jeweller and the way you made the raised design mimics real life workflow quite well…
Would love to see more.

I agree with all other friends here, a top row potential on these.
Artifacts are my favorite subject anyway, great BPR use as well. A work of good taste:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Congratulations on top row! It’s well deserved. You are too modest! :lol:

Beautifull work thankyou for video!!

Nice work. I love the look and renders. You have some great talent.

Bracelet is incredible. Thx for posting the video as well!

Wonderful tutorial. Congratulations!

Nicely done! You have an amazing eye for detail. The pieces make me believe that an artisan laboured over them and that they were worn or used with pride…I “know” that they have a story.

Your renders are really nice too. I like how the metal looks used and worn. You achieved the look very well. Do you mind sharing your rendering set up?

Awesome works! thanks for share the process!:+1:

Great work!

You should consider having the ring printed in 3D.

I like it when an artist puts love into their work. It really shows in their renders.

Well Done! :slight_smile:


beautiful !!! brilliant images!!!:+1:

Thank you SO much for the video! It really helps us n00bs :slight_smile:

Fantastic work.