Cooking Oil Cooled CPU

The challenge should you accept it, is ZBrush what would happen to this computer case, if somehow the CPU ignited 8 gals of cooking oil.


ZBrush for the OilPC rest in PhotoImpact


PS:Quick and dirty… No shadows etc… sorry…

Secret Lab Model:




That is just crazy enough for me to try! Thanks for the link.

The new powerbook g5!!
Comes filled with 100 pure olive oil. Classy!

Cool:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:! Extra virgin Olive Oil. Truly Classy!

Cool link. These folks definitely have way to much time and money on their hands:lol:

There ia a warning about ignition sources!

David oil-cool.jpg

Nice Pride!!!

…for belgian potaoes fried :smiley:

LOL Pride! I hate it when a puter does that :smiley: