Not had a great deal of time to join in the fun in ZBC of late. I have to say the quality of work in this forum is amongst the best to be found on the internet imho. The character work on display here is mind boggling, amazing to think back to late 1990’s when folks described ZB as a novelty 2D/3D hybrid.

Mr. Bolek got me all inspired the other night so I had to throw in a head to test a few materials and lights.





Woohoo G! Love the look of that eye and that skin! His teeth look almost too perfect for a boxer though lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s see some more of your work bud!

i like the cuts and bruises on the model !..but the lighting makes the right sternocleidomastoid look very sharp , on the mesh ( silo ?!) it looks good, so it must be a to sharp fall-off from the shadow…!


HAHAAAA ! I see my little Glenny wants to pick up a fight :wink:
OK. I’ll take it as a challenge.
Come on Southern, come and fight me! See? This pic is a good vision of what’ll be your face when I’m done with you!

Wait for my next post fella! JAB! JAB!

I’ll be your Northern !

PS: Good work BTW.

Lovely work. Have to second mentat abt the teeth though :slight_smile:

I fixed him in post…lol





Yes! I’l fix you like that as well :slight_smile:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mr Bolek,

“Whilst I admire you greatly for your skill with the polys,
I fear that your threats will lead to your folley,
To damage my mugshot with fist or with tool,
A halfpint like you would need a big STOOL!”

:slight_smile: ps…thanks for the tips…the real ones…


What ??? Who said that ? Did I hear someone fart in the audience? :rolleyes:

Nah seriously, I think it’s cool. If only there were more people like you, the world would be a better place (for people like you, that is).

Even more seriously, your work surely taught me more than I did you with my common sense TIPs. Total Respect.

Thanks Glen!!!


(psst Bolek … check his pockets for ferrets before you square up … you know those northern lads fight dirty).

Awesome work. Silo for the base mesh? Love the dvd, incidentally. Quick question, if I may … do you add gums/teeth as a separate mesh, or model the whole lot as one? Cheers … and great to see you posting for fun again.

Glad to see you posting here, Glen. Kewl work as always and always inspiring. Besides making making dvds these days, what else have you been up to? As one of my early Z-idols, it is extremely nice to see your work again.
kind regards,

Your model and images are among the best in the internet imho :slight_smile: Really great model, I especiallyliek the last one posted. Very nice indeed.


WOW.Classic stuff.:eek:

Great models glen, luv your work, and a great inspiration!

really excellent work; can’t wait to see more!:+1: :sunglasses: